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Tupuranga is currently accepting writing submissions from Indigenous and POC writers with a connection to Aotearoa and the Moana (this includes Indigenous people beyond Aotearoa, ie. The Islands, Asia, etc). Inclusive of people of different genders, sexualities, and physical and mental capabilities, our core focus is that we are connected through our Indigeneity.

We welcome all forms of writing: poetry; prose; short stories; essays; songs; a sentence; just words. If you think your writing is better heard, or performed, you are welcome to send voice recordings or videos.


Tupuranga is a Te Reo Māori word which means to grow. We see this journal as encouraging of personal growth, and growth as a community.


We want the journal content to be driven by what the contributors care about at that moment. As editors, we want writers to feel safe enough to discuss the topics that are important to them while we take care of what is being put out there.


We welcome and celebrate difference, your unique voice, your Indigeneity, your joy, your rebellion. Speak your mind. This is your space to express. We stand with and support your fear or anxiety, sadness, anger and disgust; your joy, your pride and love.


There are no specific topics off limit - although we will not tolerate fascism, colourism, racism, anti-queer, anti-trans, homophobic, ableist or sexist language or rhetoric.


We welcome submissions from people with all levels of experience and of any age. You don’t need to have any publishing history.

We welcome submissions in languages other than English, as well as submissions that contain multiple languages. We cannot however provide translations at this stage.


We offer you not only space for your voice to be heard, but also ongoing editorial support by a team of writers from a variety of different backgrounds, interests and expertise, united by a respect for our Tangata Whenua and their own personal sense of Indigineity. We also offer a small payment for all writing that we publish. 


Your words are full of power and strength.


Use them.


Send us your unpublished work, or a writing sample (2 page max), and a short paragraph (50 words) about what you like, who you are, and what you want to write for us to tupurangajournal@gmail.com before 30 December, 2019. If you have any questions, flick us an email as well. We only publish original and unpublished work.