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My parents have neither honey nor milk nor money

My scratches have been scratched--ointment

Made out of paste--i think, honey is antiseptic--

Pull hair back, cover knees, dress properly--but i want to clean    

off--change your smell, spend less time in the sun, we know boys aren’t interested--

i know 

but honey could be ayurvedic

                                     --let’s find natural remedies.

Aunties told me to squeeze toothpaste on my pimples

            Creamy cum cleared my skin

Exercise and yoga will help

            Walks of shame and doggy-style increased my serotonin

If only a brown boy would shepherd me

                                     Like my ring finger circles my clit every night.




                                                                                                                                      why i always



                                             she picks flowers, not fights


                                             My wrists have seashells and beads

                                             My middle fingers and ribs hold floating flowers and stars

                                             A tiger lounges on my sternum

                                             A paper boat glides amongst lotus petals along the back of my right arm

                                                         The trees here are so strong, withstanding violent wind



My mother says my quality of life has gone

           Down, my beauty has gone Down 

                        my hands slide Down

                        the tough brown resistance of my muscles


           My nani made me warm turmeric milk, i mixed mine in an old kombucha bottle

                        where am i where have i gone where did i go

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